Little feet and hands don’t stay small for very long. Treasure those tiny toes for a lifetime with our baby castings packages. Suitable for newborns and infants, our baby casting process is quick and completely safe for even the most sensitive skins. The actual casting process of a single hand or foot takes 40 seconds, but we recommend you prepare for a 30-40 minute visit for comfort. The ideal age for a baby cast is between 1-8 months. Naturally, the older your baby grows the more he/she will tend to squirm during the process.
We highly recommend scheduling your visit according to your baby’s sleep schedule. Allowing us to arrive before your baby naps will give us time to position them in a comfortable yet supportive position for the perfect cast. We work best in a soothing environment and begin the process only after your baby has fallen into a deep sleep.  The more still your baby stays, the better the result. Having your child’s favorite toy as a distraction or blanket for security can also be helpful.
For children between the ages of 1-4 we recommend a joint casting with a parent’s hand due to their tendency to be a bit more fidgety.  We understand there are many questions that cross a parent’s mind when it comes to their child’s safety. However, do not hesitate to contact us with any concerns before setting up an appointment.


We often find individuals are amazed when viewing their own body from an outside perspective. Hand castings are a unique way to celebrate moments of significance or different stages throughout life.  The process is clean, quick and reveals every detail of the skin and any jewels you wish to include.  Hand castings are suitable for individuals, couples or groups, making it the perfect way to celebrate any occasion. We recommend you are prepared for a  35 minute to 1 hour session. We offer custom metallic finishes and base plates so you can display your casting proudly for a lifetime!

Engagement & Anniversary

Nothing is more beautiful than embrace of two hands capturing the intricate detail of an engagement ring or wedding band. Our couples casting is a unique way to mark any milestone in a relationship or celebrate a moment of significance. Couples casting make a a one-of-a-kind experiential gift for engagements, weddings and anniversaries.  Visit our Gift shop to learn more about vouchers.


Torso casting is the process of capturing the details of the neck, arms, chest or waist of a body. We enjoy these castings because there are an infinite number of ways the body can be positioned for many different reasons. Torso castings are beautiful ways to celebrate a body at all different moments in life, be it a baby bump waiting for arrival or the details of a boudoir bust.

Pet Paw Casting

We specialize in preserving the unique and precious memories of your furry companions by creating beautifully detailed casts of their paws. Whether you want to commemorate a beloved pet or celebrate a new addition to your family, we’re here to help you create lasting memories through the art of paw casting.